Billlie – 3rd Mini Album [the Billage of perception: chapter two] (mane Ver.)


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Release date
2022.09.01 (Thursday)

*Album specifications
– Photo book (with transparent band): 180×250 (mm) / 76p (image by version)
– CD-R: Insert 1 type (varies by version)
– Photo card: 55×85 (mm) / Insert 2 random types out of 14 types (different from image by version)
– Mini L-holder: 65×95 (mm) / 1 type inserted (different from image by version)
– Sticker: 110×160 (mm) / 1 type insert (image by version is same)
– Polaroid photo card: 55×85 (mm) / 1 random out of 30 types (same image by version)
– Photo postcard: 100×150 (mm) / Insert 1 random type out of 7 types (same image for each version)
– Special photo card: 55×85 (mm) / 700 each version 2,100 in total (depending on image by version)
(Some of the initial volume is randomly inserted and is not included in the initial total volume.)

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