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Release date
2022.11.11 (Friday)

01. OUTBOX : 221x309mm
02. PHOTO BOOK : 210x297mm, 240p, 1pc
03. POSTCARD : 100x150mm, Random 1 out of 4
04. STAMP STICKER : 100x150mm, 1pc
05. PHOTO CARD : 55x85mm, Random 1 out of 4

※ The composition and specifications of this product are subject to change depending on the manufacturing situation.
※ The size above may vary depending on how you measure it.
※ The outbox is an anti-shock agent to protect the product and may be damaged (crushed, torn, scratched, stamped, etc.) and discolored and contaminated during manufacture and delivery. This is not a reason for exchange or return.
※ This product cannot be exchanged or refunded because of a simple change of mind.

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