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**Specifications and Components**
1. OUTBOX – 183*248mm
2. DESK CALENDAR – 175*220mm / 12months, world ver.
3. DIARY – 150*210mm / 152p
4. UNIT POSTCARD SET – 150*100mm / 3ea 1SET
5. PAPER MOBILE – 210*150mm / 9pcs 1SET + String
6. METAL BADGE – 30*30mm / 1ea
7. PHOTOCARD SET – 55*85mm / 9ea 1SET
8. DECO STICKER – 100*150mm / 1ea
9. PHOTO STAND – 100*150mm / random 1 of 9
10. Special Limited Polaroid (first limited)
– 55x85mm / random 1ea (limited 18ea)
*It is limited in quantity, and only initial production products are randomly packed.

※ The image above is an example for better understanding and may differ from the actual product specification.

※ The specifications and release date above may be changed due to production reasons later.

※ Fine scratches, scratches, discoloration, etc. may occur on the exterior during the packaging/delivery process of the product, and this cannot be a reason for exchange.

※ This product cannot be returned simply.

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