Rolling Stone Korea no.7 (Cover: Blackpink)


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The magazine is in Korean and English.

Book Title: Rolling Stone Korea: No. 7 (Blackpink)
(English: Rolling Stone Korea – Blackpink)

Korean Title – BLACKPINK: From Stranger to Friend and to Pop’s Supernova
English Title – Blackpink: From Strangers to Sisters to Pop Supernovas

1. Author: Rolling Stone Korea
2. Issue date: July 8, 2022
3. Plate type: 246*298mm *4.5mm
4. Chromaticity: 4 degrees
5. Regular price: 14,800 won
6. Pages: 100
7. Barcode: 977276559200707
8. ISSN: 2765-592X
9. Weight: 270g
10. Publisher: Rolling Stone Korea
11. Supplier: koboom

<Rolling Stone Korea No. 7 – About the book>

It contains the stories of the girls to solidify their position as the greatest girl group in history! Blackpink, who decorated the cover of this 7th issue, approached the interview with a more sincere heart than ever before, from the trainee days until now, the story of growing up, the production process of creating music, and the daily story of Blackpink. The full story of Blackpink can be found in Rolling Stone Korea Issue 7.

In Rolling Stone Korea No. 7 this time, Insooni, a singer who sings of life, including Black Pink, Suran, who leads the trend with her unique tone, Oneus, a boy group that proves her skills, Dove Cameron, who is making a new chapter in pop, Shaking the hip-hop world Fresh collaboration Gato & Lilcherry & Gold Buddha, Cha-yeop & Lee Hyun-wook, best chemistry actors who shine even more because they are together, and Baek Joo-ho & Hyun-jun & Jang Dong-woo & Lee Eui-jin of the Yeodo team’s play that tells the story of Danjong, and Lee Eui-jin, and Yoon Sang-hyun of various artists in the genre. It is not limited, but focuses on various fields and fills it with a different perspective.

Rolling Stone Korea published the first issue with the cover decorated by P-Nation led by singer Psy, the special edition issue with Kang Daniel decorated the cover, the 2nd issue with BTS decorated the cover, the 5th issue of the Adele cover, and the most recent issue. Until the 6th issue of one Lee Byung-hun cover, it has been receiving a lot of attention from the public and has recorded a bestseller in online/offline bookstores, raising expectations for this 7th issue.


<Content list> 

BLACKPINK: From strangers to friends to pop supernova

Insooni, an artist whose song she sang because she had to live became her life

Her music is always diamond, Suran

CELEBRATE Dance Challenge presented by Base Camp Studio and Rolling Stone Korea together!

Dove Cameron, a self-taught artist

About to burst out Tik Tok Trio, Lil Cherry & Gold Buddha & Gato

Until all the universes become ‘one’ to hear, Oneus

Long and deep like friendship in 18 holes, Cha-Yeop & Lee Hyun-Wook

The 4 people who lead , 4 colors – Zuho, Hyeonjun, Dongwoo, Euijin

The performance must go on, Congressman Sang-hyun Yoon.

‘Vegan’ is established as a lifestyle, and the MZ generation is ‘veganism’ these days.

RSK Special With Kim Young-dae – The cutting edge of a K-pop girl group armed with splendor and attitude



Filmography – In memory of the late Kang Su-yeon

RSK Column – Do you like Brahms?

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