Let Us Explain What We Do

How it Works

The Problem

Very Expensive Shipping Costs,
When Placing An Order From Korean Stores

Bulk-Orders & Wholesales
Are Not Affordable Yet

Shipping Out Multiple Boxes Separately Results
In Super High Shipping Costs

The Solution

1. Generate your Free Korean Address

Sign-up on our website and generate your Free Korean address. This address you can use later to order on any Korean websites.

2. Order Items on Any Korean website

Order anything from your favorite Korean websites.
Seriously, ANY Korean website! This way, your order will arrive in our Warehouse in Korea.

3. Ship It To Your Free Korean Address

While you check-out & Pay on the Korean website,
use the free Korean address that you generated earlier on our website.

4. Make Your Shipping Cheaper

After your package arrived in our Warehouse, you can request Magic Unboxing or Repack Multiple Packages into one and make your shipping MUCH cheaper.

5. Ship Out Your Package

After you repacked all packages into one final box & finished all service requests, you can ship out the package to your place, and save much more shipping cost compared to using Korean website’s shipping option.

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