We Take Privacy Serious.

Privacy Policy

  1. The company only collects the personal information necessary to proceed the contracted service. Below are required information. All the other information other than these are optional.
  2. Name
  3. Address
  4. Phone number
  5. ID (For registered users)
  6. Password (For registered users)
  7. E-mail address (or cell phone number)
  8. When the company collects the personal information that can identify the person, the company must have the person’s agreement on the matter.
  9. Collected personal information can be used only for notified purposes, and cannot be used for other purposes or transferred to the third party, except for below situations,
  10. When the carrier requires the personal information, such as name, address and phone number, for delivery purposes.
  11. When the information is offered in anonymous form, to researches or statistic purposes.
  12. When the information is needed for clear the payment for transaction.
  13. For the verification purposes, to prevent illegal use of other’s name.
  14. When there are unavoidable causes to use the information, in pursuant to statutes or regulations.
  15. Users may request for review or correction of his/her own information at any time, and the company must promptly comply with such request. When the user requests for correction of information, the company may not use such information until requested correction is made.
  16. For the protection of personal information, the company must authorize access to limited number of staff members. If the personal information, such as credit card number or bank account number is disclosed, and thereby causes damage to the user in any form, the company must be held liable for the damage. However, if it can be proven that the company is not responsible or negligent for the disclosure, the liability will be exempted.
  17. If the third party is given the personal information for previously mentioned purposes, the third party must discard the information as soon as the said purposes are fulfilled.
  18. The company may collect the personal information that can identify the person, and use the information for promotion activity, such as email, mobile, or telemarketing advertisement, under the user’s agreement.
  19. When the company collects personal information that can identify the person, the company invariably must obtain the person’s agreement.
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